Mobena next generation EV charging



…Because you want to be in the premium starting block to drive the access and deployment of new generation of interoperable EV recharge service.

Mobena project is already composed of a consortium of 20 industrial partners which positioned themselves as leaders in their activities.

Strong in this partnership, we are building a new world for EV recharge services with interoperability and user experience improvement as main challenges in an open market based on ISO 15118.

…Because by 2023, you will be a leader in E-mobility ecosystem.

Mobena is a 2 years project started in September 2021. By Septembre 2023, the results of this first phase should be a take off to continue in a second phase that will include pilot projects with local authorities. At the end of the first phase, you will be benefit of a unique leadership.

“It is better to catch an opportunity before it is too late”

…Because your voice will not only get a national impact, but also get a significant impact at a European level.

Credit: christian Lue

Strength in number to ensure interoperable Plug and Charge and Smart Charging at a European level:

Mobena is collaborating with European governance to establish the architecture reference to insure interoperability inside an open market.


Contact the Mobena project management team by initializing a written contact mail to explain your motivation, the goal and challenges that your company wants to face off and the adding value for you to join Mobena